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3D calibration software microCal

3D calibration software microCal

Easy-to-handle and automated geometric calibration of your microscope with 3d calibration samples. 3D measurement data of m2c calibration structures are automatically analysed and compared to the provided reference data.

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Measurement and calibration technologies for 3D microscopy

m2c provides innovative products for measurement and calibration technologies in 3D microscopy. m2c 3D calibration standards, together with dedicated calibration software, enable a fast and more accurate calibration of your microscope. Application of m2c 3D software allows you to determine surface topography with your SEM and also to verify the measurement accuracy.

m2c helps to find the best solutions for your measurement and calibration tasks. We provide customized solutions, including software development and manufacturing of special designed micro- and nano-structures with FIB.