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m2c company specialises in geometrical measurement and calibration technologies at the micro- and nanoscale. Based on extensive research in the field of three-dimensional calibration for scanning probe instruments, we developed a completely new product: pyramidal shaped 3D reference structures in combination with specialised software for the complete geometrical calibration of scanning probe instruments in one simple step.

This new 3D calibration technology is available for atomic force (AFM/SPM) and scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and is already being applied in metrology institutes, universities and companies worldwide. The technology is just now being adapted for optical 3D microscopes (especially confocal laser scanning microscopes CLSM) and therefore will be available for multi-modal applications.

Furthermore, m2c offers services and consultancy for all questions related to measurements and calibration at the micro- and nano-range. We also provide and develop software solutions for spatial data analysis, image processing and coordinate measurements. In order to be able to better meet customer requirements, we distribute geometrical calibration standards and specialised microscopy software of third-party providers.

Together with our partners, m2c has a unique experience in focused ion beam (FIB) applications. Prototyping and reverse engineering with automated FIB processes are used for the generation of customised micro- and nano-structures.

The calibration method developed by m2c is part of the VDI/VDE guideline 2656: "Bestimmung geometrischer Messgrößen mit Rastersondenmikroskopen, Blatt 1: Kalibrierung von Messsystemen“ and of the ISO 16700 „Microbeam analysis - Scanning electron microscopy - Guidelines for calibrating image magnification“.