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3D calibration software microCal

3D calibration software microCal

Easy-to-handle and automated geometric calibration of your microscope with 3d calibration samples. 3D measurement data of m2c calibration structures are automatically analysed and compared to the provided reference data.

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m2c calibration software microCal is developed especially for an automated and easy 3D calibration with m2c calibration structures. By using a marker based calibration technology, it provides improved measurement accuracy and has the following advantages:

  • One Step: Simultaneous processing of lateral and vertical calibration parameters (scale, shear)
  • One Model: Determination of coupling (shear) between vertical and lateral axes
  • One Click: Due to advanced image processing and statistical methods, calibration is extremely efficient and accurate
  • One Reference: Software and calibration structures are suitable for different measurement devices


microCal calculates 6 linear calibration parameters: three scale factors for the co-ordinate axes, and three coupling factors for coupling between all co-ordinate axes (orthogonal deviation). In addition, it provides tools for 3D data manipulation, especially for 3D data correction based on the calibration results.

  • Automated calibration due to advanced image processing algorithms, including detection of sample orientation and sub-pixel co-ordinate measurement
  • Reliable processing of calibration parameters due to advanced statistical methods (including leastsquares methods and outlier detection)
  • Mathematical and graphical accuracy analysis
  • Results and settings are saved into a project file
  • Integrated export functions for PDF protocol files or for ASCII data (for further use)
  • Calibration parameters are saved for data correction of all further measurements performed by the customer’s microscope
  • 3D data manipulation and correction
  • Different SPM/3D file formats and import filters for ASCII and image data files are included