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FIB services


Subsequent marking of Si-etched sample

We offer fabrication capabilities of microstructures of various designs in general, and reference structures, e.g., for the One Step 3D Calibration method in particular. Due to the fabrication process by FIB, we can provide prototypes of almost any geometry. With our fabrication method you will be able to test your system design, or, to test the functionality of your microstructure.

Sample processing

Using Focused Ion Beam (FIB), subsequent processing of different sample types is possible. As an example, the subsequent labeling of Si-etched samples for quality management purposes was processed.


Do you have a FIB device in your company or laboratory? And, you do have a model or a design of a microstructure or spatial sample which you want to have fabricated automatically? With our experience, we offer not only a translation of CAD models into FIB scripting language, but also an automation of processing and fabrication routines.


We can help you in planning, developing and implementation of almost any FIB application, not only concerning the fabrication of spatial structures. Additionally, we provide consulting in applying FIB technologies in material sciences, quality analysis and measurement technology.