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MMC-80 Structure Layout and SEM Image

3D calibration standards SPM

3D standards for calibration of topographical SPM measurements. Simultaneous calibration of horizontal scale, height scale, lateral and vertical shearing enables quantitative 3D SPM measurements.

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SPM data MMC-80

3D SPM calibration structures consist of an array of four multi level single pyramids. The design of the calibration structure includes circular reference marks (nanomarker) with exactly measured centre coordinates (reference information). In combination with our 3D calibration software microCal, the calculation of all three scales and all three coupling (shearing) factors of the coordinate axes of your measurement device can easily be achieved. We provide the reference information as a data file on CD/ROM together with the 3D calibration structure.

Universal application with one reference structure is possible (SPM, CLSM, SEM). For different tasks, m2c also provides other calibration structures and customized layouts upon request.


3D SPM calibration structures are available for several scan areas, from 20 μm x 20 μm and up to 80 μm x 80 μm. The complete structure with four pyramidal elements (full area) or a single pyramidal element (quarter area) may be used for the automated calibration process.

Type Device Size (µm²) Number of Structures Steps Step Height (nm) Total Height (nm) Gradient (deg) Nanomarker Diameter (nm)
MMC-80 AFM/SPM 90x90 4 3 1000 3000 38.5 800
MMC-40 AFM/SPM 45x45 4 3 600 1800 56 600
MMC-20 AFM/SPM 20x20 4 2 300 600 45 400

Please note: This table contains only nominal values. The real dimensions differ from these nominal values. For calibration, the reference marks have to be used. To provide a traceable calibration, reference measurements are performed by the German metrological institute PTB upon request.